The Classical Atelier Shop offers you all the materials you need to learn classical art at home. Whether products for drawingpaintingstudio equipment or learning materials such as books or instructional DVDs, the shop offers you everything at the best price-performance ratio. It participates in the Amazon partner program.

Plaster Casts

These plaster casts are handmade by the owner of this store himself. With their reasonable prices, they are a cheap alternative to the products of other suppliers and sculptors.


Products for drawing

The products presented here are a selection of the best materials for classical drawing. NITRAM drawing charcoal is the best quality drawing charcoal and is used by classical academies.
ARCHES Watercolor paper is best suited for charcoal drawings.

Studio equipment

For classical painting you need not only canvases and brushes, but also the right equipment for your studio. Here you will find things like daylight lamps, easels, or taborets.

Printable Munsell Color Charts

Hue | Value | Chroma – Munsell Color Charts for Artists – eBook

Print your own Munsell Color Reference Charts at home on your desktop inkjet printer!

Instant download after purchase!

Nude Drawing Figures

The days when artists used old-fashioned wooden mannequins are over.

Nowadays there are excellent, real-looking nude drawing figures with a stainless steel skeleton and silicone as muscles and skin.

These figures are one time investments for endless hours of nude modeling for you and are the perfect alternative for long poses when drawing nudes.

How awesome is that?