Products for Cast Drawing

Process of making a Cast DrawingIn order to learn rendering a three dimensional object the student in a classical atelier has to make a Cast Drawing. These most often are anatomical plaster casts. Plaster is white so there is no color distracting the student. The student is able to see the form better while looking at a monochrome reference. A simple one and a complex one is recommended – the most complex and challenging for a student is a bust.

The term cast drawing from plaster casts is applied to the rendering, in pencil, crayon, or charcoal, of drawings of solid objects usually modelled in plaster of Paris for this purpose. Drawings of objects of this character represent a third dimension—that of depth or thickness. Geometrically speaking, a straight line represents length, but neither breadth nor thickness. The drawing of a surface, such as a leaf or ornamental panel, represents length and breadth but not thickness, but the drawing of a solid object involves the representation of this third dimension.

Below you will find all products you need for Cast Drawing: Plaster Casts, NITRAM Charcoal, kneadable erasers and papers.

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