Nude Drawing

Old Master Nude Drawing
Long pose old master nude drawing

Learning human anatomy is an important part of the study in classical art. Drawing a nude model not only teaches you skills in patient rendering but also anatomy. In the Academy you work on one single drawing for up to 6 weeks with a total of ~50-60 hours ending up super realistic (see some examples here, here and here).

If a nude model gets paid $15/hour, that makes $750-950 for a complete drawing.

The most real nude model figure

The days when artists used old-fashioned wooden mannequins are over. Nowadays there are excellent, real-looking nude drawing figures with a stainless steel skeleton and silicone as muscles and skin. These figures are one time investments for endless hours of nude modeling for you and are the perfect alternative for long poses when drawing nudes. How awesome is that?

You can pose these as you wish with their numerous movable joints. They come with exchangable different hands and genitals. There are different types of heads available for you as the body comes with no head sculpt. Also there are different skin tones available.

Choose between a more slender athletic, muscular or massive figure. Male figures show the muscular anatomy more clearly and are therefore more suitable for teaching the musculature of man.