Charcoal & Pencils

NITRAM Charcoal is considered the best charcoal for drawing by classical art academies and ateliers worldwide. After the retirement of the original French manufacturer there was a shortage of this special charcoal worldwide.

Jerzy Niedojadlo who was then an art student in search of NITRAM charcoal, established contact with the former manufacturer and had the production process shown to him. He acquired the necessary equipment and now under his management he is producing NITRAM Charcoal again.

Read here the story of the resurrection of NITRAM and here the story of NITRAM from the former manufacturer himself.

NITRAM also sells a sharpening block. Sharpening a charcoal stick for Cast Drawing is a science in its own. Remember to collect the charcoal dust for later use on your drawing! Apply the charcoal dust with a brush if needed.

You will also need a kneaded eraser for being able to erase spots of different sizes. A kneaded eraser can be sharpened to a fine point to lift off just little amounts of charcoal as well be used for larger areas to be erased.