Ideally, oil paint only contains linseed oil, as it combines the best properties for a binder and the simpler the composition, the better. Linseed oil tends to yellow a little more than other oils used to make paints. However, this is outweighed by the strong film it has after drying.

Below are three different quality grades of paint manufacturers. The Michael Harding paints are produced in a small company in purest form. The Rembrandt paints are also excellent quality while the Winsor & Newton paints are absolutely sufficient for your atelier training.

Paint sets

If you are just starting out with oil painting and don’t have any paint tubes yet, it makes sense to buy a range of paints in the form of a paint set. The most useful colors are included to cover a wide range of gamut by mixing. 5 colors plus white are a great start to learn to mix colors without having to rely on additional colours. As described here most of the colors we perceive in nature are achieved through earth tones and few primary colors.