Bill Davidson Landscape Painting Secrets – an Instructional DVD for Artists [DVD] [DVD]



Now You Can Learn The Hidden Secrets To Painting Beautiful Landscapes That Your Viewers Will Fall in Love With…Walk into almost any museum and you’ll see a display of amazing landscape paintings. But what are the special qualities of “museum-level” or “gallery-level” paintings? What makes one landscape painting stand out above another? If you’re a painter already, you know that landscape painting is one of the most soothing and “zen-like” painting experiences there is. There’s such a unique sense of calm and serenity you get from working with landscapes — and there is a meditative quality in working them till they stand out as something extraordinary. As a landscape painter, you have the power to transport someone emotionally by expressing what speaks to you in nature. You can feel the heat of the sun reflecting off the billowing clouds that you’ve communicated on the canvas… …you can feel the cool and crisp air of an autumn morning in the Rocky Mountains… …and you can even hear the gentle rustle of reeds along the shoreline as they sway with the breeze.

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