CESAR SANTOS: SECRETS OF FIGURE DRAWING : Art Instruction DVD. Learn new skills from a master, Art Improvement, Art…



If you want to learn how to create drawings, then what we’re about to share with you is the next best thing. You see, there’s a master artist who has some of the finest drawing skills in the world. His drawings are highly collectable. In fact, one of the top realism collectors in the world purchased one of this artist’s sketch pads because he knows it could become a national treasure. You see, this artist you are about to meet was trained in Florence, Italy, at a very special school that few people in the world ever get to attend. It was there that he discovered these special techniques so few artists possess. His name is Cesar Santos, and he’s one of the world’s greatest when it comes to drawing the human figure. And when we saw his sketchbooks, we begged him to create a historic documentation of his entire step-by-step process on video.

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