OBEST TBLeague 1/6th Scale Female Super Flexible Seamless Body Pale Action Figure (2017-S22A)

The action doll has a stainless steel skeleton with 28 pivot points, which increases the flexibility of the character. You can make different poses according to your preferences, even difficult poses that ordinary people cannot do
The body is made of high-quality, non-toxic silicone.


Learning human anatomy is an important part of the study in classical art. Drawing a nude model not only teaches you skills in patient rendering but also human anatomy. In the Academy you work on one single drawing in charcoal for up to 6 weeks with a total of ~50-60 hours ending up super realistic (see some examples here, here and here).

This Female Nude Drawing Figure is a lifetime investment for your art.

Forget about those old-fashioned wooden lay figures! This modern articulated nude drawing figure serves you as a mannequin for learning art. Learn human anatomy with this slender 30 cm tall figure with a real skin feeling. This athletic female figure shows some muscularity and is therefore suitable for teaching the musculature of man.

You can pose this female nude drawing figure as you wish with its numerous movable joints. It comes with exchangable different hands. There are different types of heads available for you as the body comes with no head sculpt. Also there are different skin tones available.

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