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Finally, a Video Documenting the Insights and Techniques of one of America’s Most Prominent Artists For the First Time in History, Joseph McGurl Reveals His Unique Step-By-Step Study-to-Studio Painting Process Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Discover Inside: Learn how Joe uses a drawing technique typically used for figurative work to help you lay your forms out in the correct way and dramatically improve your proportions and drawing The secret to planning your painting, depending on what the light of the sun is doing (and how to make adjustments as you go so you come away with your most dynamic and highest-quality work) How to use the palette knife as a “chaos instrument” to make your painting look more natural and less deliberate What colors to mix as the sun gets warmer to achieve the appropriate value shifts that make your painting seem real How to create texture without losing your sense of form The most effective techniques for working with reflections and how you can use light to enhance your composition the way the pros do How to prevent the typical mistakes that beginner and intermediate painters make so you can see faster results on the canvas What colors to use in the foreground that will bring elements forward the right way How to capture both the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that foliage interacts with the rest of the landscape How to define tree forms in the foreground to bring out the character and enhance the important focal points of your subject How to take your outdoor painting and improve the compositional design in the studio Working with your underpainting to “lock in your design” using colors and values The warm and cool tones Joe uses in his palette and exactly why he chooses each one How to create a glowing effect with the water that will make your painting more striking and emotionally engaging How to use foreground and background colors to create a sense of space within your composition

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